Introducing Qkr! by Mastercard School Payments App!

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Qkr! Tip Sheets:


Question. How do I add or delete payment cards?


Question. Can I add multiple payment cards?


Question. Can two parents set up an account for

the same student?


Question. How can I keep track of my Qkr! payments?


Question. How are Qkr Refunds processed?


Question. How do I add or update a photo of my Child

on the Qkr! app?


Question. What is the reason for having a child's photo

on the Qkr app?


Question. How can I remove unwanted items from

my shopping cart?


Question. Can I copy this week's orders to next week?


Question. How do I use the calendar display when

placing food orders?


Question. How do I complete my payment after

submitting a form?


Question. How do I cancel food orders that have

already been paid for?


Question. Should I log out of the Qkr! app for security?


Question. How can I be sure my child's food order has

been recived by the school?


Question. How do I order a CHROMEBOOK Licence ?


Question. What happens if I forget my password ?